SimCity buildit game is one of the most popular game in gaming world and the players are enjoying every series of this game. Players can even enjoy these series in compact devices such as in mobile devices there are some tricks and tips player should follow to clear difficult level and complete the tasks. SimCity buildit game features are mostly designed for mobile devices in order to make player to play frequently and the idea of the game is player has to build city with lots of population. In this game the player is acted as mayor of the city and has responsibility to build city to high level with several special buildings such as mayor building, court building and player has responsibilities to provide basic utilities such as water facilities, health guiding, education, hospitals by collecting several SimCity buildit cash. When city is extended to high level then the player has to make population fit to the city and players allowed to make deals with neighbors in order to sell and buy the building in the city.

There some hard task which cannot be completed by the player since he needs lots of SimCity buildit cash to complete hard levels, mostly SimCity buildit is designed for a single player if player wish to play the game with his friends as multiplayer then the game allows the player to share some regional maps and regional cities. Since SimCity buildit cash plays a vital role in gaming in order to achieve higher position. Based on the city development and expansion player has to supply some people service such as education, medical safety for health issues, leisure and parks and all these building are build as separate building which covers a certain circular range


Player most important goal is to win the game to achieve and the player should have to built many residents within small area and player should have minimum layout of 2 blocks of residential building surrounded with several government buildings because these steps makes one city block. When the player completes these steps then he can complete other half with help of SimCity buildit cash gained and power ups. The players should give more importance to build the several public buildings around the government buildings, public buildings like fire building, police station, hospitals and other service buildings should be build in a single row and you can use simcity buildit tips to get ultimate resources. If player supplies continuous fund only on buildings it may also result in rise of strike among the people of the city for their basic needs thus player has responsibility to provide basic needs such as electricity, water, waste handling system to the citizen of city. The player can build other buildings such as gambling and several building of government such as prisons and military bases these buildings in turn provides income which can be used for city development, the player is allowed to make agreements with neighboring citiesĀ  to buy and sell services.